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End of Year Giving Campaign

This December, would you consider donating and help spread the word by SHARING why YOU support

Our mission is to continue to provide free access to high quality Biblically based classes to people around the world, and we’re so grateful to our donors and supporters who help make that possible. This December, would you help consider supporting this ministry and spread the word by SHARING why YOU support by sending us a note at [email protected] or by sharing on social media?

Would you help us reach our $25,000 end of year giving goal?


During this time of the year, we often reflect on all the things for which we are thankful. At Biblical Training, we’re thankful for all the emails we receive from people around the world thanking us for our classes.

Chris, a young college student, has told us about a five-hour drive he took and during the whole drive he listened to Life is a Journey He shared with us how impactful the teaching in that class was. 

Pastor Glenn wrote about the 32 people in his church that have just finished Old Testament Survey and they enjoyed it so much and benefited from it so much that they’ll be doing New Testament Survey next year. Susan wrote and said that she has been a Christian most of her life, but our classes help ground her in these difficult days in which we live.

We’re also very thankful for our current supporters that make all this possible.

This December, would you please donate to the ministry of Biblical Training so that others around the world can learn and grow?

Would you also help spread the word by SHARING why YOU support 

Thank you for being part of the BiblicalTraining family.