Free Online Bible Classes | Create a Fundraising Page

Create a Fundraising Page

1. Start a Crowdfunding Campaign

To start a Crowdfunding campaign, click on the green Start a Campaign button below. You'll land in the Campaign Builder.

Start a Campaign

2. Campaign Builder

On the Campaign Builder page, you'll enter a title for your fundraising campaign, set your fundraising goal, create a short URL for your page, and upload a photo of yourself.

Campaign Builder

3. Landing Page

Landing Page

A. Your Image - We recommend an image that is 300px by 300px.

B. Headline - Give your campaign a concise, but catchy headline.

C. Campaign Goal - Set a goal that is both ambitious, but attainable.

D. Fundraising Email Code - Copy and paste the email code into your favorite email program and send it to your friends and family (Admin only).

E. Fundraising Activity - This is where you will see a list of your donors and the amount donated (Admin only).