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When Forgiveness is Relevant

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The more intimate the relationship, the more risk that is involved, and the more likelihood that forgiveness is going to be part of the picture. A pivotal concept is that pain and anger are not the message, just the messenger. When our lives develop cracks, the light of God is able to shine in a heal us. Ron covers the powerful example of a tennis ball. It is relatively small, but when we bounce it around the room it takes up alot of space. Likewise, when we rumninate about the past, when we reherarse the hurts, they take up bigger and bigger areas of our lives, and the past was never meant to be in charge of our lives.


1. Examples

A. Disloyalty & Betrayal

B. Heart laid bare to other folks

2. Greater Risk

3. Human Responses to Pain

A. How do you think of pain?

B. What do you do when you hurt?

C. Think of anger as a messenger

D. What happens when we tell people about our pain

E. Image of a tennis ball

F. Stop ruminating

G. Make a commitment to grow, not just in crisis times

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