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The Process of Forgiveness

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The process of forgiving someone follows a specific format, depending on whether they repent or not. But regardless of what the other person does, you can still forgive. But it may not mean the restoration of the relationship.


1. When Someone Hurts You, You Can Choose to Forgive or to Not Forgive

A. Unforgiveness

1. Attitude: Vengeance

2. Behavior: Revenge

3. Outcome: You choose bitterness as a way of life

B. Forgiveness

1. Attitude: Conciliation

2. Behavior: Forgiveness

a. Repentance by the offender

b. No repentance by the offender

2. Forgiveness is Hard Work (Like Grieving)

A. Aim in the same direction

B. Be patient with yourself

C. Pray for a community of slow forgivers

D. Develop the capacity to hold these things as you face forward

E. Trust is both a decision and an emotion

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