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Lecture 1: Introduction to Forgiveness

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Ron Toews introduces the topic forgiveness, commenting on why we need to talk about it, what happens when we choose not to forgive, and when we do choose to forgive. The themes are "Justice" (what I want for others when I am wronged) and "Mercy" (what I want from others when I do them wrong. The past cannot be changed, but our present and future are set in place by our choices. Forgiveness is not about being nice; it is about not letting the past control our present and future.


1. Introduction

2. Sources of Material

3. The Process of Forgiveness Cannot be Reduced to Three Easy Steps

4. What Do You Want to Take Away from this Seminar?

5. Forgiveness Themes

a. Justice

b. Mercy

6. The Broad Context of Life

a.Your present

b. Your future

c. Your past

d. Chinese proverb

7. Not Talking about Adding to Your Niceness

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