Free Online Bible Classes | The Emotion Process of Hurtful Events (Part 2)

The Emotion Process of Hurtful Events (Part 2)

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Once we have experienced pain, we have to get the intensity down and then come back and handler the event. Ron suggests a sample set of questions. (1) Tell the person what it was like for you. (2) Then ask the other person what the event was like for them. Remember, the behavior is the mesenger, not the message. The message is what you need to get to.


1. Get the Intensity Down

2. Then You Can Come Back and Handle the Related Event

3. Questions from the Audience

4. Strategies for Handling the Event

A. "This is what it was like for me."

B. "What was it like for you?"

5. Evaluate Your Relationship

6. Audience Question about Shame and Intimacy

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