Free Online Bible Classes | The Emotion Process of Hurtful Events (Part 1)

The Emotion Process of Hurtful Events (Part 1)

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When we are hurt, the anger rises. This is okay; anger is just the messenger that there is danger, it is an internal emotion and not the outward behavior. But what we need to do is step away from the event, calm down, and then deal with the actual event and the real issues. Painful things want to distract us, but they aren’t suppose to be in charge of your life. Rather, we should not blast off but rather manage our emotions. We walk in the same direction, day after day, and eventually we will reach our destination.


1. Introduction

2. What Happens to Us Internally When These Hurtful Events Happen?

3. When an Event Happens, it is Normal to Experience Emotions

4. What's Next?

5. What Do you Experience at the Point of Anger?

A. Physiological impact

B. Cognitive impact

6. At This Point, You Have a Choice

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