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The Flood

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Genesis 6–9 is not a children’s story. It shows God’s anger against our sin, and yet also shows that he is a redeeming God. Like Noah, it challenges us to step out in faith.


I. Introduction

II. God As Judge

A. Theology of Sin

B. Is the Story of the Flood a Children's Story?

III. God as Redeemer

A. Meet Noah

B. What Do the Garden, Ark and the Cross Have in Common?

IV. Noah is a Man of Faith

A. Story of the Flood

B. Post-Deluvian Re-Created World

V. Conclusion


1. Adam and Eve walked in the very presence of God. Eight generations later, the entire earth (except for Noah) was devoid of anything good. How does that happen? Have you ever seen the decay into unrighteousness over even a few generations?

2. How do you think Noah’s neighbors reacted when it started to rain? First day of rain, then the second day, etc.

3. What is God asking you to do right now that seems silly, especially to those around you, but you know that he is calling you to respond in faith? Can you think of any historical characters other than Hudson Taylor and Noah who found themselves in this situation?

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