First Journey

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The church at Antioch sent out Paul, Barnabas and John Mark to preach the gospel. This was Paul's first missionary journey.



Part 6

VI.  The First Missionary Journey

A.  The Church in Antioch (11:19-12:24)

1.  Evangelism by Hellenists

2.  Jerusalem Church checks out Antioch.

3.  Barnabas gets Saul from Tarsus.

4.  Antioch sends relief to Jerusalem church.

5.  John Mark is related to Barnabas.

6.  Church while praying receives mission calling.

B.  The First Missionary Journey (13:4-14:28)

1.  Cyprus - Barnabas, Saul and Mark

2.  Perga

3.  Pisidian Antioch

4.  Iconium

5.  Lystra

6.  Derbe

7.  Return


25 min