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The Finish Line’s in Sight

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We’ve arrived at our final review which will conclude with the biblical author Jude helping us see the importance of the outcomes of our Scripture-wide journey. Remember as you move on from these sessions, that review is a crucial element in making this big-picture tool your own. Some consistent review over the next few weeks, and you’ll be building on this tool for a lifetime of spiritual growth and ministry. Conversely, with no review the tool will slowly slip away and along with it, its value to the life and ministry the Lord has for you. The message? Just a little more personal investment (review) and the return on your investment will far exceed what you might have expected. Both your maturity in Christ and your ministry for Him will be the beneficiaries.


The Finish Line’s in Sight

I. Review

II. Thoughts from the book of Jude

A. Identity of the author

B. Jude writes the letter about a different subject than he originally intended

C. Jude's three keys to contending for your faith

1. Be rooted

2. Be reaching

3. Be real

D. Final thoughts from Jude (v. 24)

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