Free Online Bible Classes | Ten Steps for Exegesis (Part 1)

Ten Steps for Exegesis (Part 1)

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In this lecture, we get into the practical details for how to exegete a passage. Dr. Strauss explains the first four (of ten total) steps for English Bible exegesis: 1) identify the genre, 2) get the big picture, 3) develop a thesis statement and 4) outline the progress of thought. This lecture teaches new skills and provides examples for you to put them into practice.


I. Review and Introduction

II. Ten Steps for English Exegesis

A. Identify the Genre (the Literary Form)

B. Get the Big Picture: Establish the Historical and Literary Context

1. Historical Context

a. Epistle

b. Gospel

c. Prophetic Literature

2. Literary Context

a. Step 1

b. Step 2

c. Step 3

d. Step 4

3. Cardinal Rule of Getting the Big Picture

4. Shortcuts for Getting the Big Picture

C. Develop a Thesis Statement

1. Identify the Subject and the Complement

2. Hints for Developing the Thesis

D. Outline the Progress of Thought in the Passage

1. Qualifications of a Good Outline

2. Two Kinds of Outlines

a. Parallel

b. Progressive

III. Summary

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