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Entire Sanctification (Part 1)

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Wesley wanted to reform the church of England, not begin a new denomination. The fundamental nature of the Church is a community of people centered on Christ. The Greek word in the New Testament that refers to the Church is ekklesia. The Church was born at Pentecost. The relation of the church to Israel and the inclusion of Gentiles in the church were two foundational questions in the early Church. The Church is composed of all believers throughout the world as well as believers meeting in local communities. There is one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism and one God and Father of all. The importance of unity in the Church is stressed in the Gospel of John and in other writings in the New Testament. The Holy Spirit animates individuals and also the body of Christ corporately.

Note: the two lectures on entire sanctification are contrary to our Statement of Faith, which asserts that “The disciple's life will be characterized, among many, by battle with sin.” They have been included because the are central to Wesleyan theology, and BiblicalTraining is committed to being broadly evangelical.



A. Faith

B. The balance of Wesley's conception of grace

C. The temporal dimensions of entire sanctification

1. Tension between possibility and actuality

2. Wesley emphasized both the process and the completeness of entire sanctification

3. Entire sanctification does not require chronological maturity


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