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Lecture 6: Engage People in Worship

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Different people often view the same experience in different ways. People may be deeply moved even though they don’t express it outwardly. Earn trust short term by using a welcome using gestures you use daily, like a smile or a nod or a greeting. Think of things that are universally welcoming. You need to break down resistance, curiosity, reluctance. Earn long-term trust by representing the bible well over time and musical integrity and proficiency. Be careful about “barking orders” right away. Tend the flock rather than driving cattle. Don’t force-feed people information but offer them a meal. Rather than be a cheerleader, encourage and invite people to have an encounter with Christ. Make your body language match what your mouth is saying. Open your eyes to connect with people. Body language can also help non-musical people participate and sing. Use your music to take people on a connected journey. Try to add familiarity in everything you do.

Worship 6


I. How Do I Help People Engage in Worship?

A. Are you being engaging as a worship leader?

B. Not everyone engages in the same way.

II. Connect Horizontally so You Can Lead Vertically

A. We don't lead music for people, we lead people with music.

B. Earn trust.

C. Think as a shepherd.

D. Provide a balanced diet: be careful to not be repetitive.

E. Does your communication come across as cheerleading or inviting people to have an encounter with God?

F. Show people your scars and let them in on your struggles: anything we do is a result of God’s power and grace, not our merit.

G. Tell your story: everyone experiences the gospel through story.

H. Be centered around prayer.

I. Non-verbal communication: connect with people and help them engage.

J. Organize musical transitions: use your music to take people on a connected journey.

K. Try to add familiarity in some measure to everything you do.

L. Eliminate distractions.

III. Commit the Time to Practice and Improve: audition yourself each week

IV. Engaging People is How You Will Become an Effective Worship Pastor

V. Conclusion

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