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Lecture 4: Empty Your Kettle

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Anger results when you are hurt and you cling to a right. Yield your rights to God and focus on your responsibilities. Learn to think at the need level, not the event level. If you focus on your rights it leads to an angry revolution. If you focus on your responsibilities, it leads to a revival.

Lesson 3


The Number One Reason People Can't Empty Their Kettle of Negative Emotions

I. Review

II. We Need to Yield Our Rights to God and Focus on Our Responsibilities

A. Cure for anger

B. Anger is caused by an unmet need

C. Can you feel hurt without feeling anger?

D. Whether you focus on your rights or responsibilities will determine the success of your marriage

E. Story of a husband and wife

F. How God views sin

G. Philippians chapter 2

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39 min

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