Free Online Bible Classes | Eliphaz’s First Response (Job 4-5)

Eliphaz’s First Response (Job 4-5)

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Eliphaz begins tactfully in his remarks to Job. He did not intend to do harm. However, he thinks God is causing Job to suffer because of a sin Job committed. He speaks accurately of the justice of God, but in Job’s case he misapplies it. He also gives a message he received from the, “night spirit.”


I. Structure

II. Appeal to Reason and Experience (4:2, 5:27)

III. Tactful Opening (4:2-6)

IV. Doctrine of Retribution (4:7-11)

V. The Night Spirit (4:12-21)

VI. Misery Comes to Fools (5:1-7)

VII. Turn to God Who is Unfailingly Good

VIII. Those Whom God Loves, He Reproves and They Have Happiness

IX. Conclusion

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