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Election and the Christian Life

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Election excludes works as a reason for God choosing you. God's calling always results in salvation. God's calling is a tremendous example of his love for you. Paul encourages people to live the Christian life by being filled with the Holy Spirit and to act out of a motivation of love. He addresses baptism, the Lord's Supper, leaders in the church, church discipline and the resurrection. He also emphasizes the importance of persevering to the end.


I. God's Election

a. The Fact of Election

b. The Purpose of Election

c. The Language of God's Calling

1. The Effectiveness of God's Call

2. The Selectivity of God's Call

3. The Grace of God's Call

d. God's Love

e. God's Promises to Israel (Romans 9-11)

II. The Christian Life

a. Living Sacrifices

b. The Indicative and the Imperative

c. The Work of the Holy Spirit

d. Assurance and Perseverance

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