Free Online Bible Classes | The Eight Deadly Sins (Part 3)

The Eight Deadly Sins (Part 3)

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The sin of acedia is, “I don’t care anymore.” The sin of tristitia is sadness, wrongly processing suffering and loss, allowing the soul to close in on itself and refuse instruction from God. Tristitia is neither a result of other people or of our outward circumstances. Satan wants to get us off the track in stupid presumption or in sinful carelessnenss. God redeems the hurt that evil has done.


The Eight Deadly Sins (Part 3)

I. Reformation of Deformed Disposition

II. Psalm 9

III. The Sin of Tristitia

IV. The Sin of Acedia

V. There is A Way Out

A. The goodness of God

B. Infused hope

C. Face the conditions of the world today with sobriety and compassion