Free Online Bible Classes | The Eight Deadly Sins (Part 1)

The Eight Deadly Sins (Part 1)

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The eight deadly sins are in the order that Satan uses to try to get us and in the order in which we need redemption. Gormandize means you are overdoing it and being a slave to flesh. Fornication refers to a wandering heart and seeking to devour others. Avarice is the love of money and sometimes is a fear of not having enough. Anger is a rancorous spirit. The spiritual cancer of depreciation is looking at the vast horizon of God’s goodness in his creation and my life and depreciating it, only seeing what’s wrong. Psalm 51:10-12, create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a right spirit within me.


The Eight Deadly Sins (Part 1)

I. The order is important

A. Gluttony

B. Fornication

C. Avarice

D. Anger

E. Vainglory

II. Two of the Most Destructive Deadly Sins

A. The spiritual cancer of depreciation

1. Forced detachment crisis

2. The Freedom to say, "yes" to what God is asking you to go through

3. Adrian van Kaam

B. The deadly sin of tristitia

1. The more you talk about what's wrong with your life, the more exaggerated it becomes

2. All the eight deadly sins reside in you