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Educational Ministry of the Church

This course is an introductory level course to the ministry of education within the church.

About this Class

These lectures were given at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary during the summer of 2000 and the spring of 2001. There are 21 separate lectures totaling about 13 hours.

  • Subject:
    Christian Education
  • Skill Level:
  • Time Required:
    13 hours
  • Price:
  • Language:
  • Institution:
    Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

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Who are the programs intended for?

The Foundations program is intended for everyone, regardless of biblical knowledge. The Academy program is intended for those who would like more advanced studies. And the Institute program is intended for those who want to study seminary-level classes.

Do I need to take the classes in a specific order?

In the Foundations and Academy programs, we recommend taking the classes in the order presented, as each subsequent class will build on material from previous classes. In the Institute program, the first 11 classes are foundational. Beginning with Psalms, the classes are on specific books of the Bible or various topics.

Do you offer transfer credit for completing a certificate program?

At this time, we offer certificates only for the classes on the Certificates page. While we do not offer transfer credit for completing a certificate program, you will be better equipped to study the Bible and apply its teachings to your life.