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Editorial Approach

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Introduction to the Editorial Approach.


I. The Book of Psalms and its Name

A. The Hebrew Language

B. The Greek and Latin Language

II. The Process of Composition

A. First and Second Stages

B. The Third Stage

C. Other Connections

1. Elohim verses Yahweh

2. The Number 42

3. Destruction and Hope

4. Semitic Thinking

D. Stage 4 – the Five Books of Psalms

E. Stage 5 – Concerns the Canon of the Masoretic Text

III. the Significance of Shaping of the Psalms as Canon

A. Introduction

B. Universal Rule

C. Book 3 and the Dark Psalms

D. Book 4 with the Psalm of Moses

E. Book 5 Psalm 110 and King Jesus

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