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Early Church and Middle Ages

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Individuals like Augustine helped shape the theology of the church. Charlemagne and Gregory the Great expanded the political influence of the church. The monastic movement, rise of Islam and the Crusades were significant during this period of time.


I. Early Church leaders and theologians

A. Hillary of Poitier

B. Ambrose of Milan

C. Augustine

1. Writings to refute Donatism

2. Writings against Pelagius

3. The Confessions

4. The City of God

D. Three Cappadocians

E. John of Chrysostom

F. Jerome

II. Middle Ages

A. Pope Gregory the Great

B. Spread of the church to Great Britain

C. Contrast between the church in the 1st century and 7th century

D. Monasticism

E. The rise of Islam

F. Christianity to the Germanic tribes

G. Charlemagne crowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

H. Power of the papacy

I. Crusades

J. Conclusion of the Middle Ages

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