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Donating (with phone verification)

Donating (with phone verification)


There are four basic steps for donating (or three if you have given previously).

  1. Enter a dollar amount
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Enter your financial information (if you have not previously given)
  4. Review and donate

Click these links if you need help and want to talk with a person, or if you are concerned about security.

1. Enter amount

The amount defaults to $25, but you can enter any amount you wish.

If you want to make a recurring gift, choose that option and be sure to select frequency and start date.

2. Verify your identity

When you click Next, you will be asked for your cell number. Enter it and press Send code.

You will be sent a text with a six-digit verification number.

Enter that Security code number on the next screen and press Confirm.

3. Financial information

If you have given before, you do not need to re-enter this information; PushPay has remembered it for you (and it is totally secure). Otherwise, indicate how you want to give. If you give by credit card, 3% is taken by your bank, 2% if it is a debit card, and 1% plus a $0.45 if it is a direct bank withdrawal. These are industry standard percentages.

Enter your name and email. PushPay creates your user account that you can use to review and change your donation information.

Then enter your credit card or bank information and press Next.

4. Donate

You can review your donation and then submit it. If you do not click on the green button, the donation is not made.

Thank you

You will receive a thank you email that also works as a legal receipt for your donation. We automatically send out end-of-year giving statements for everyone who gives $250 or more during the year. If you give less than $250 and still want an end-of-year giving statement, please ask us at the end of the calendar year and we will be glad to send one out.

Thank you.

Talk to a person

If you have any questions or suggestions, please call our support line at ‭(888) 358-9998‬.


Your giving information is guaranteed by PushPay, and we strictly follow the guidelines established by the ECFA.

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