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Doctrine of Sin

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Sin is one of the most foundational and significant topics in Scripture. The doctrines of salvation and sanctification are meaningless without an accurate understanding of sin. The Old Testament teaches both the personal and corporate aspects of sin. New Testament teachings include the essence of sin and total depravity.


Doctrine of Sin

Part 1

I. Introduction


II. Biblical Overview of Sin

A. Old Testament Treatment

1. Sin as a Violation of Absolute (not relative) and Universal (not cultural) Law

2. Personal God and Personal Sin

3. Corporate Nature of Sin

B. New Testament Treatment

1. Sin in re: the Law

a. New Testament opposition to Legalism

b. New Testament opposition to Libertarianism or License

c. New Testament endorsement of Liberated Obedience (Romans 8:3-4)

2. “Flesh” and Sin

3. Sin and Unbelief

4. Sin seen anew in the light of Christ

a. The Horror of Sin

b. The Defeat of Sin


III. Nature of Sin

A. The Essence of Sin

1. Urge for Independence from God

2. Three Kinds of Urges for Independence

a. Hedonist Urge

b. Covetous Urge

c. Prideful Urge

B. Total Depravity

1. Definition

2. Support

C. Total Inability

1. Definition

2. Support

D. Acts of Personal Sin

1. Commission and Omission

2. Outward Action and Inward Attitude

3. Conscious Rebellion and Ignorance

4. Greater and Lesser

E. Systemic or Social Manifestations of Sin

1. Good Structures used for Evil

2. Formation of Evil Structures to do Evil

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