Free Online Bible Classes | The Doctrine of Salvation (Part 1)

The Doctrine of Salvation (Part 1)

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Rob Lister, a Garret Fellow, introduces concepts that are basic to the Biblical doctrine of salvation. Salvation is both physical and spiritual, includes all of creation, it is "already, but not yet," and the goal is the glory of God. Election is a key concept in Scripture. Some people think that there is a conditional aspect to election.


II. The Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology)

A. Introductory Issues

1. Salvation is already/not yet (Inaugurated Soteriology)

2. Salvation is physical and spiritual

3. Salvation is personal and cosmic

4. Goal of Salvation: the glory of God

B.Order of Salvation (for the salvation of individuals)

1. Election:

a. Arminian view

     1) Corporate election (election not individual)

          a) Evacuates the concept of election

          b) False antithesis

          c) God is the initiator of election so his purpose is accomplished

          d) Lose assurance and eternal security

     2) Conditional election

          a) Free will demands it

          b) Universal love of God demands it

          c) Universal or general call demands it

          d) God desires all to be saved

          e) God is just and His justice demands it

          f) Election is based on foreknowledge

          g) Prayer and evangelism demand it

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