Free Online Bible Classes | The Doctrine of Last Things (Part 1)

The Doctrine of Last Things (Part 1)

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There is value in studying eschatology besides curiosity about what will happen in the future. The three most common views of the millennium that can be supported by Scripture are postmillennialism, amillennialism and premillennialism. Also related to eschatology is the Scriptural teaching regarding physical death and the intermediate state.


The Doctrine of Last Things (part 1) (1 hour, 8 minutes)

V!. The Doctrine of Last Things

A. Definition of Eschatology: words about last things, focusing on what is yet to come.

B. Value of studying things to come

1 Understanding God’s cosmic purposes

2 Helps us reassess our values

3 Motivation for holiness

4 Motivation for witness

5 Motivation for worship

C Benefits of Studying Eschatology

1. Physical Death and the intermediate state

a Human death starts with the fall of humans

b Death is final

c Physical Death and the after life: Separation of the non-material from the material

d Intermediate state

     1) Sheol: Realm of the dead; wicked stay in Sheol but the righteous are rescued.

     2) Hades: Realm of the dead, but also a place of agony and burning

     3) Unbelievers in the intermediate state: world of torment

     4) Believers in the intermediate state: non material part of us will be with Christ

2. Views of the Millennium

a Post millennial view: Between the cross and the second coming of Christ, we are presently in the tribulation. The tribulation will be followed by a 1000 year reign of Christ as he gathers together the saved.

b A-millennial view (Realized millennium): no literal future millennium, Church is presently going through the tribulation and the millennium simultaneously. Christ reigns over his Church by reigning over their lives. Christ’s kingdom is presently here.

c Pre-millennial view: Christ returns to earth to set up his kingdom to reign for a 1000 years. (Revelations 20 demands it)

     1) Narrative of Revelations 19 continues in chapter 20

     2) Binding of Satan in chapter 20 is much more this is true presently in this age

     3) The resurrection of tribulation martyrs spoken of in Rev. 20:4-5


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