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Distinctive Theologies in the Gospel of Luke

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The Gospel of Luke has much in common with the Gospels of Mark and Matthew. Luke emphasizes Jesus' compassion for people who were outcasts and writes as a historian, with attention to detail.


Distinctive theologies in the Gospel of Luke


Key theological emphases in the Gospel of Luke

1. The Gospel of Luke compared to the Gospel of Mark

2. The narrative in the Gospel of Luke continued in the book of Acts

3. Luke's view of Jesus

a. Jesus' compassion for outcasts

1. Samaritans and gentiles

2. Tax collectors and sinners

3. More women mentioned specifically than in other gospels

4. Jesus' ministry to the poor

b. Savior

c. Prophet

d. Jesus teaches in parables

e. Jesus as the resurrected and exalted one, and benefactor

4. Themes in the Gospel of Luke

a. Stewardship of material possessions

b. The question of the Jews' ongoing obedience to the Law

c. Luke as the first Christian historian

d. The Gospel of Luke has less of an emphasis on imminent eschatology

e. The role of Satan

f. God through the Holy Spirit guides and controls history

1. Prayer

2. Joy

h. Summary

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