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Distinctive Theologies in the Gospel of John

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John is the most unique of the four Gospels. He emphasizes that Jesus is both fully God and fully man. "Belief" is a key word for John because it means more to him than just mental assent.


Distinctive theologies in the Gospel of John


1. Structure of John's Gospel

a. No need to repeat information available in other written Gospels or oral tradition

b. Written to Jewish Christians who have been expelled from their synagogues because of their belief in Jesus as Messiah

c. Written to address the influence of Gnosticism

2. John's view of Jesus

a. Titles of Jesus

1. The "logos"

2. Lamb of God

3. Wisdom of God

4. God

3. Themes in the Gospel of John

a. Benefits of eternal life

b. John refers to miracles as "signs"

c. Doctrine of the Trinity

d. Election and security of the believer

e. Jesus' death, resurrection and glorification

f. Role of the Holy Spirit as counselor, comforter and advocate

g. John's Gospel does not record Jesus baptism or his words over the food at the Last Supper

h. John the Baptist's authority is minimized

i. Concluding comments

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