Free Online Bible Classes | Track 1: Foundations

Track 1: Foundations

This track was historically designed for new believers, but we found that many people who have attended church for many years have profited from its teaching, filling in many of the holes in their biblical and theological understanding. So it has become our foundational class for all Discipleship classes.

Beginning Your Spiritual Journey (formerly, Now That I Believe; 7 hours), Dr. William Mounce. This class will help new believers start their spiritual journey. It is designed for a young Christian and a mentor walk through the basics of their new life in Christ, and we have found that both are blessed with its material.

The Story of Jesus, Dr. Robert Mounce. Christianity is first and foremost about Jesus, who he is and what he did. The Bible gives us four stories of his life; this is the one by his friend John. It is good to read the Bible as we learn to travel our spiritual journey.

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