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From time to time we are able to bring you discussions on specific topics. They do not really constitute a class, but they fall within the mission of BiblicalTraining. We call these "Seminars," and they are available from this page. Most are three hours in length. Some of these seminars will eventually become part of a Certificate.

Advanced Worldview Analysis (3 hours), Dr. Ronald Nash

Apologetics (3 hours), Dr. Ronald Nash

Church History (10 hours), Dr. Gordon Isaac

Essentials of Christian Ethics (3 hours), Dr. Ronald Nash

Breaking the DaVinci Code (1 hour), Dr. Darrell Bock

The Essential Luther (3 hours), Dr. Gordon Isaac

History of Philosophy and Christian Thought (3 hours), Dr. Ronald Nash

History of the English Bible (2 hours), Dr. Daniel Wallace

Essentials of the Old Testament (3 hours), Dr. Douglas Stuart

Spiritual Warfare (10 hours), Dr. Gerry Breshears

Theology of the Reformers (12 hours), Dr. Timothy George

World Religions (8.5 hours: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, African), Dr. Timothy Tennent

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