Free Online Bible Classes | Overview


One of the outstanding needs in the church universal is the call to grow up in Christ. The Great Commission is for us to not only evangelize but also to disciple, to teach people to obey everything that Jesus has taught.

You can teach people facts, but you can't teach people to obey; that is only accomplished within relationship.

We offer three levels of classes—foundations for all believers, for growing in Christ, and for those preparing for leadership—with the prayer that they provide the content necessary for spiritual growth, and encourage people to attend the classes together, study together, learn together, and spur one another on to love and good works.

We also offer a number of seminars that are a shorter set of self-contained lectures on a particular topic. We offer these as supplements to your training as you work through one of the discipleship tracks.

As we are contacted by ministries outside the United States, especially those geared toward training bi-vocational pastors, we are encouraged to continue building and strengthening this curriculum. While it needs to be contextualized and translated, we trust that the content will be able to cross cultural barriers and be of help around the world.

Biblical Training

The BiblicalTraining app gives you access to 2,300 hours of instruction (129 classes and seminars). Stream the classes, or download and listen to them offline. Share classes via social media, email, and more.