FAQs for Diplomas

The difference between Track 1 and Track 2 is how you study the Old and New Testaments. Track 1 uses the more conventional Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey. Track 2 uses the 52 Stories of the Bible class.

If you have already completed the Certificate in Biblical Studies, enroll in the Foundations Bible Diploma Track 2 because the Old Testament and New Testament Survey classes in Track 1 are the same classes that are in the Certificate in Biblical Studies. 

Student's Guide

We will mail you the paperback versions of the Student's Guides for the classes in the Diploma Programs at no extra cost (U.S. and Canada only). You can also download a PDF version from each class page. 

We learn best when we learn together.

Because we learn better in community, we encourage you to find a group of friends and study together. Our curriculum is set up to require 1.5 – 2 hours of listening, 30 minutes of personal reflection, and an hour of group discussion every week. You can study any way you wish, but this is our strong recommendation. BEFORE YOU CLICK ON THE ENROLL BUTTON, choose one of the three options below: 

  1. Choose "Single Enrollment" to enroll as an individual.
  2. Choose "Enroll, and Create Private Group" to and invite your friends to join.
  3. Choose "Enroll, and Join an Existing Group." 

If you are a group leader share the group ID number with other people in your group before they enroll so they can enroll in your group.


  • The year is divided into 3 quarters of twelve weeks each.
  • It requires 3 hours per week. 60-90 minutes each week for listening to the lessons (except for a few weeks), 30 minutes of private, guided reflection time and then meeting in person with your small group for an hour of discussion where you can talk through the issues raised by the lessons.
  • Occasional Zoom webinars.

Click here to download the schedule for the diploma, Track 1.

Click here to download the schedule for the diploma, Track 2.


The cost for this program is $495.00. You can either pay in full or choose PayPal Credit on checkout and pay 6 monthly installments of $82.50. There is no interest if paid in full within 6 months.


Q: Which track do you recommend?

A: We recommend Track 1. The only difference is in Track 1 there is the NT and OT Survey courses, and in Track 2, INSTEAD of these two courses, there is the 52 Major Stories of the Bible course, which covers that main stories in both the OT and NT. If you take Track 1, you can take the 52 Major Stories of the Bible as a certificate later, because we offer it as one of our certificates. 

Q: Should I plan to take both Track 1 and Track 2?

A: No. This is not part A and part B. The classes are the same in both tracks, EXCEPT for the survey courses. You are welcome to take Track 1, then take 52 Major Stories of the Bible as a certificate. 

Q: Is there an enrollment deadline? 
No. There is not a deadline for enrollment. You may work through the courses anytime. However, the recommended schedule gives you a structure to study with a group over a 9-month period of time. Some churches and small groups go from September to May. The Zoom webinars will be offered based on the 9-month schedule beginning in September. 

Q: How long do I have to complete the Diploma? 
A: The Foundations Bible Diploma is designed to be completed within 3 academic quarters, which is a 9-month period from the date of enrollment. You have access to the quizzes for a year if you need it.

Q: Do you offer scholarships or any other financial assistance for the Diploma program? 
A: At this time we do not offer any scholarships. However, you may pay with PayPal and choose the option for 6 monthly payments of $82.50. There is no interest if you make the payments on time. 

Q: I do not have anyone I can invite to study with me. Will I be successful if I study on my own? 
A: Absolutely, you can be successful on your own. We encourage believers to study in community. However, we recognize that cannot always happen. If you do enroll, you would have an online group which would include individuals who have also enrolled individually. In addition, BT staff will occasionally be online to check the forums. 

Q: Are the Diploma programs appropriate for an adult Sunday School program? 
A: Yes! It gets everyone studying together with structure. It also follows an academic year, which means you would be studying during the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters and be done by summer. 

Q: Does the certificate that I earn qualify for college or seminary credit? 
A: No. The classes in the Foundations Diploma are foundations level classes. They are not accredited for college or seminary credits or degrees. 

Q: How do I join an online study group?
A. If you are studying with a group, have your group leader enroll using "Enroll and Create a Private Group" option. Your leader can then give you the group code. You can enter your group code when you enroll by choosing the "Enroll and Join an Existing Group" option. 

Q: What if I am not in a group? 
A: Enroll using "Single Enrollment."  At this time, we do not have any "open groups." You can either create a group and invite others, or you can be invited to join a group of people that you know.

Q: Where can I find my online group associated with my Diploma?
A: After you log in to www.biblicaltraining.org, go to "My Account." Scroll down a little and on the left side you will see a heading that says "My Groups." From there you can click on the link and see and send messages to others in your group. 

Q: Are some of the classes also in the Certificate of Biblical Studies?
A: Yes, the three courses in the Certificate in Biblical Studies are also in Track 1, so if you have completed the Certificate in Biblical Studies  we encourage you to take Track 2.  Track 2 has the 52 Stories of the Bible instead of the Survey classes.

Q: Does the $495 cover the entire Diploma course? I see where it says two different enrollments.    
A: The price is for the entire diploma course. You have the option of choosing Track 1 OR Track 2 depending on whether you want the OT and NT Survey classes OR the 52 Stories of the Bible class for the survey part of the diploma.

Q: How do I access the quizzes?
A: After you enroll in a certificate, to access the courses click on the My Account heading in the upper right corner, then under the My Certificates heading click on the Certificate Title, then click on the course title. Do not access the course by going to the Foundations or Institute sections and enrolling in the course for free, or it will block your access to the quizzes. Also, if you listen to the lectures on the app, do not click on the Enroll in this Course button or your access to the quizzes will be blocked.

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