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Design a Worship Service

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Creativity and thought can make an experience memorable. Core truths of the Christian belief are God is holy, man is sinful, grace is amazing and Jesus is the hope of the world. It can be valuable to include durable and well thought-out ancient confessions and creeds. We learn theology through well-written hymns. Be prayed up, punctual and prepared. Worship is a relational encounter with God and others.  We don’t build temples, we dig wells. 


I. How Do You Best Design and Prepare a Service?

A. Creativity and thought are important.

B. Become year-focused rather than weekend-focused.

II. Design Phase

A. Start with the end in mind
: core truths of the Christian belief.

B. Imagine the journey.

C. Inventory your arsenal.

D. Map out the journey.

III. Essential Elements for Corporate Gathering

A. Gathering for prayer before the service: set the stage in prayer for what’s about to happen.

B. Call to worship: creeds and corporate and individual confession of sin.

C. Songs of praise and confession: we learn theology through well-written hymns.

D. Public prayers: sometimes writing out your prayer can help you be articulate and specific.

E. Testimony: people sharing what God is doing in their life.

F. Preaching of the Word: your faith is grown and strengthened.

G. Giving

H. Benediction: A way to bless someone is to picture a special future for them.

I. How do you help your team focus on what's important?

IV. Practice the Journey

A. The leader should be the most prepared person.

B. Expectations for volunteers

1. The three "T's": Are you in tune, in time and do you have a good tone?

2. The three "P's": Prayed up, punctual and prepared.

V. The Four Levels of Musical Knowing

VI. Impact is Proportional to the Creative Thought and Time in the Word You Put Into It

VII. Conclusion

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