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Lecture 1: Defending Your Ministry

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Can churches teach and act on the beliefs that they think God has inspired them to communicate to society and live by? A commissioner of the EEOC, Chai Feldblum, said in 2016 that, “There can be a conflict between religious liberty and sexual liberty, but in almost all cases, sexual liberty should win.” Church Autonomy Doctrine states that government officials are not allowed to interfere in ecclesiastical matters in 4 areas: 1. Church government, 2. Doctrine, 3. Membership, 4. Employment decisions. It is important to understand what the laws are, how they are applied and how to act toward people in love. Kevin Theriot helps you protect your church from legal challenges by giving you information and direction for creating and updating your by-laws, facility use policies and membership agreements. 

Kevin Theriot


Defending Your Ministry

I. What You Need Protection From

A. Require abortion coverage for employees

B. Laws regarding same sex marriage

II. Church Autonomy Doctrine

III. Steps to Take to Protect Your Ministry

A. Have a written statement of faith that is broad and specific

1. Position on sexuality

2. Code of conduct

3. Life (i.e., abortion, physician assisted suicide, etc.)

4. Who is the final interpreter of scripture for that body?

B. Religious employment criteria

C. Facility use policy

D. Membership policy

E. Marriage policy

IV. Conclusion

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30 min

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