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NT Survey - Dating, Need, Collection

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After Christ ascended and the church was spreading, it was helpful to have a written record of Christ's life and the apostles' teaching. All the books included in the New Testament were written before the end of the first century.


The New Testament Canon

Part 1

I.  Dating of the Canon

A.  Paul's Letters

1.  1 and 2 Thessalonians ~ 50

2.  Galatians, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Romans ~ 55

3.  Prison Epistles ~ 60

4.  Pastoral Epistles ~ 65

B.  Gospels

1.  Mark ~ 65-70

2.  Matthew and Luke ~ 75-85

3.  John ~ 90-95

C.  General Letters

1.  James - before 62

2.  Hebrews - before 70

3.  Others - No later than 95


II.  Factors Giving Rise to the Need for a Canon

A.  Rise of Marcion Heresy

B.  Invention of the Codex

C.  Persecution of the Church


III.  Collections of Writings

A.  References in the New Testament

1.  Colossians

2.  2 Peter

3.  1 Timothy

4.  1 Corinthians

B.  Didache

C.  Papius

D.  Marcion's Canon

E.  2 Clement

F.  Epistle of Barnabas

G.  Diatessaron

H.  Muratorian Canon


IV.  Classifications of Writings

A.  Homologoumena (Recognized)

B.  Antilegomena (Disputed)

C.  Notha (Spurious)


V.  Recognition of All 27 Books

A.  Jerome ~ 400

B.  Augustine ~ 400

C.  Council of Hippo - 393

D.  Council of Carthage - 397

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