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Daniel, Esther, & Isaiah

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In this lesson, Dr. Stuart describes the characteristics of apocalyptic literature and gives an overview of the books of Daniel. Esther, and the latter half of Isaiah.


The Exile:  Daniel, Esther and Isaiah


I.  Overview of Daniel


II.  Orienting Data for Daniel

A.  Style factor

B.  Dating


III.  Apocalyptic as a Category

A.  Visionary

B.  Great sweep of history

C.  Numerical coding

D.  Symbols

E.  Images

F.  Encouragement

G.  Prophet-angel / prophet-God dialogue

H.  Hidden truth is revealed


IV.  Overview of Esther

A.  Content

B.  Author

C.  Date

D.  Emphasis


V.  Themes and Issues in Esther

A.  Those who did not return to Judah

B.  Would God further punish His people

C.  Accommodating pagan ways

D.  No mention of God

E.  Not cited in New Testament

F.  Laws of the Medes and Persians


VI.  Second Part of Isaiah

A.  Message

B.  Zionism

C.  Reverse of the exile / reverse of the curse

D.  Comfort was there, salvation was not

E.  New Israel

F.  New creation

G.  Servant songs

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