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Student Experience

This page summarizes the student's experience in a cohort.

Go to your dashboard and choose the right cohort

Pick your Certificate to study

Pick a class in the Certificate

Pick the lecture in the class

Listen to the class, or download it for later


Be sure to mark the assessment tools so you can measure your progress


Be sure to click through the Heart and the Hands so you training can be holistic.


See how you are doing

Screen shot forthcoming …

A better form of grading

Instead of finishing your studies with a grade sheet, you  will be able to leave with an accurate picture of how you actually did. In your dashboard you can see all of your:

  • Enrollment: All the classes you have taken
  • Portfolio: All the papers and projects you have completed alog with interaction with your mentor
  • Quiz results: All the quizzes and tests you haver taken

You will select the ones you want and print them out.