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Custom class

Note: This feature is not yet available. We have done this manually in the past and we are looking at ways to automate it now to keep the costs down.

One of the strengths of BiblicalTraining is the ability to be sensitive to your culture. This means that a class can be cloned and then modified to meet your specific needs.

For example, let's say you are training your church leadership. You want them to attend our ten-hour systematic theology class. However, you don't want them to listen to our lecture on election, and you want to add in your own lecture on church polity. We can do that.

1. Record your talk on polity

You are responsible for saving the video/audio on a publicly accessible platform. Audio must be in mp3 format. Video must be on Vimeo (preferred) or YouTube.

2. Create a lecture for your talk on polity



3. Find our class you want and clone it

Clone content

4. Remove the lecture on election

5. Add in your lecture on polity

6. Save your changes

When we are all done, you can list the class on your landing page and link to it from your own website.