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NT Survey - Criteria, Arrangement, Authority

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Each book included in the New Testament had to meet specific criteria. They are arranged with the Gospels first, then letters, then the book of Revelation.


The New Testament Canon

Part 2

VI.  Criteria for Recognizing the Canon

A.  Attribution of Apostolic Authorship

B.  Continual Use by the Church

1.  Through Time

2.  Geographically Widespread

C.  Unity and Agreement with the Rest of Scripture

D.  Superintendence of the Holy Spirit


VII.  Arrangement of the New Testament

A.  Gospels

1.  Synoptics

2.  John

B.  Paul's Letters - Largest to Smallest

C.  Hebrews - Associated with Paul

D.  General Letters

E.  Revelation


VIII.  Authority of the New Testament

A.  Given by the Church?

B.  Collection of Authoritative Books

C.  Authoritative at Inspiration

D.  Marcion's Canon


IX.  Is our view of Scripture in harmony with the writers' view?


X.  Is the Canon open or closed?


XI.  When was the Canon completed? recognized?

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