Free Online Bible Classes | Crisis is an Opportunity For Spiritual Growth (Part 2)

Crisis is an Opportunity For Spiritual Growth (Part 2)

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To feed the 5,000, the disciples had to rely on Jesus because they didn’t have the resources. Jesus walked out on the water to comfort the disciples with his presence. The disciples thought they were going to die a terrible death. If you choose to think your situation, the church and others are hopeless, it results in ego desperation, or hopelessness. You see what’s wrong, you think you have exhausted your resources and you see no way that it’s going to get fixed. If you allow the crisis to take you into the life of Christ and dependence on him, it will not destroy you. 


Crisis is an Opportunity For Spiritual Growth (Part 2)

I. Epiphany

II. Mark 6

A. Feeding the 5,000

B. Disciples in the boat

C. Example of a pressure cooker

D. Jesus shows up, says, "it is I," and tells them to not be afraid

E. Significance of the loaves and fishes

F. 2 Corinthians 3

IV. At the Crucifying Epiphany, We Experience Fear

A. Difficult circumstances often causes unresolved issues to come to the surface

B. We are not hard-wired for hopelessness

C. Formative abandonment to the mystery of God

D. Personal example

E. We need to trust God

F. Sometimes repentance is necessary

G. Active waiting

H. Letting go of inordinate desires