Free Online Bible Classes | Crisis is an Opportunity For Spiritual Growth (Part 1)

Crisis is an Opportunity For Spiritual Growth (Part 1)

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A transcendent crisis is yearning for the “more than.” “Is life meaningful?” “Is God good?” Can I trust my life to God or have I been abandoned by God? An idolatry crisis happens when you run after a passion rather than pursue God. Each person in your sphere of influence is going through crises in their own lives. God can use a crisis to help something in us die so we can experience and share the light of Christ.


Crisis is an Opportunity For Spiritual Growth (Part 1)

I. Examples of Crises

A. Psalm 16

B. Teresa of Avila

II. Forced Detachment Crises

A. Death

B. Physical limitations

C. Relational conflicts and meltdowns

D. Addictions

E. Family trauma

F. Political and societal breakdown and wars

III. Transcendant Crises

IV. Danger of an Idolatry Crisis

IV. Ministry Crises

A. Resource crisis

B. Relational crisis

C. Sometimes ministries "ebb"

D. People in your sphere of influence are facing crises in their individual lives

E. Danger of profound fatigue

F. Importance of daily rhythms of life

G. Understand the true nature of crisis

V. Crucifying Epiphany

A. Directives in a Crisis

1. Idolatry must die

2. Is there something to which I have inordinate attachment?