Creation, Anthropology, Cosmos

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The Qur'an has passages that teach about both practical and spiritual aspects of daily life. The world was created in six days and there will be a culmination of events at the end of the age.


The Qur’anic World View

Part 2

III.  Great Qur'anic Passage #5: Surah 1: Al-Fathiha - The Opening

A.  The Essence of the Qur'an

B.  Part of Daily Prayer

C.  Used in Daily Contracts

D.  Exposition and Theology


IV.  Islamic View of Creation

A.  Creation in six days

B.  Adam fashioned out of clay and spirit breathed into him

C.  Fall of Satan

D.  Woman fashioned out of Adam

E.  Allah, Lord of Throne


V.  Islamic Religious Anthropology

A.  The People of the Book (ahl al-kitab).

B.  "People with no revelation" (the ummiyyun).

C.  The Muslim

D.  The Kafirs


VI.  Islamic View of the Cosmos

A.  Seen and Unseen

B.  Present world and hereafter

C.  Cosmological Model


VII.  Personal Eschatology: Islamic view of the culmination of the ages


51 min