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Lecture 18: Corporate Reception

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Corporate reception means that the books of the canon are accepted by the Church.

Kruger Session 7


I. What is the canonical core and corporate reception?

a. Corporate reception of the canon was more widespread and earlier than typically indicated

b. Core New Testament

c. Widespread unanimity by the middle of the second century.

d. The theological trajectory of Christianity was established early.

II. Why does the Muratorium canon list include, The Apocalypse of Peter, and The Wisdom of Solomon as canonical books?

 a. Most people accepted the core books but there was still some debate on others.

III. The presence of heresy questions whether there was a core canon

a. Doctrine in early Christianity is not as diverse as some people describe it.

b. The use of apocryphal books in early Christianity doesn't mean that there was not a canon.

c. Clement of Alexandria

IV. What is the difference between a book being orthodox or being canonical?

a. All canonical books are orthodox but not all orthodox are canonical.

b. Shepherd of Hermas

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