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1 Corinthians

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In 1 Corinthians, Paul emphasizes unity and diversity in the body of Christ, and responds to questions about marriage, spiritual gifts and the Lord's Supper.


Lesson Twenty-four: Corinthians

Part 2

II. 1 Corinthians

A. Salutation (1:1-3)

B. Thanksgiving (1:4-9)

C. Body of the Letter (1:10-16:4)

1. The disunity in the church (1:10-4:21)

a. Divisions

b. The cross vs. human wisdom

c. Paul and his co-workers

d. The Corinthians and Paul

2. Discipline in the church (5:1-6:20)

a. The issue of incest

b. The matter of lawsuits

c. Freedom is not license

3. Response to questions (7:1-11:1)

a. Concerning marriage

b. Concerning the unmarried

c. Concerning meat sacrificed to idols

4. Issues that Paul has heard about (11:2-33)

a. Women's dress

b. The Lord's Supper

5. Response to questions concerning tongues and spiritual gifts (12:1-14:40)

6. Issues Paul has heard about: Resurrection (15:1-58)

7. Offering (16:1-4)

D. Closing (16:5-24)