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Core Curriculum

We use the word "kerygma" to describe the basic message of the early church. As you look at the sermons in the book of Acts, you can see that Peter and Paul and the other preachers had the same basic message:

  1. Jesus lived a special life.
  2. Jesus died.
  3. Jesus was raised form the dead.
  4. We are called to repent and believe.

We understand that every culture is different, that the basic message of these classes will have to be contextualized, and many may need to express them more in a story form. But our prayer is that these classes will help prepare you to teach and preach and lead in your church, community, and in your part of the world.

What the Bible Says

The 52 Stories of the Bible (26 hours). The Bible is one continuous story, from the story of creation to the story of Jesus' future return at the end of time. And yet there are smaller, pivotal stories that make up the basic structure of the one big story. This is a sermon series, and all the extra material like sermon notes and overheads are included so the pastor can preach through the same series.

How to Study Your Bible (6 hours), Dr. George Guthrie

The Story of Jesus. Christianity is first and foremost about Jesus, who he is and what he did. The Bible gives us four stories of his life; this is the one by his friend John.

What the Bible Means 

Beginning our Spiritual Journey (formerly, Now That I Believe; 7 hours). This class will help new believers start their spiritual journey. It is designed for a young Christian and a mentor walk through the basics of their new life in Christ. It provides pivotal training for both the mentor and the new Christian.

Old Testament Theology (3 hours), Dr. Paul House

NT Theology (3 hours)

What Jesus Means to Me

The Private Life of the Minister (5 hours)

Growing Spiritually (3 hours). This class will help those who are at the beginning stages of the spiritual journey. It talks about the dynamics of spiritual growth, how to grow to be more like Christ.

Worship  (3 hours)

What Jesus Means to the World

Small Group Dynamics (3 hours), Dr. Ron Pyle



Going Deeper

If you have completed the above classes and wish to learn more and to grow deeper, then here is our second set of resources to aid you on your journey.

What the Bible Says

Old Testament Survey (10 hours)

New Testament, its Basic Structure, Content, and Theology (30 hours), Dr. William Mounce

What the Bible Means 

Hermeneutics, Dr. Mark Strauss

Biblical Theology. This three-part class will walk you through the theology of the Old Testament (by Dr. Miles Van Pelt), the Gospels (by Dr.Craig Blomberg), and then Paul and the rest of the New Testament (by Dr. Thomas Schreiner). As opposed the Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology asks the question of what a particular book, or group of books, teach on different topics, showing emphases of the different parts of Scripture.

A Pocket Guide to New Testament Theology. This short book by Dr. I. Howard Marshall summarizes the basics of what we believe, written by one of the top scholars in the world, but written in such a way that all can understand. The book can be read online, and an ePub version can be downloaded for your ebook reader.

What Jesus Means to Me

Spiritual Formation (10 hours)

Christian Ethics, Dr. Ronald Nash

The Pastor and Finances

Developing Godly Leadership

What Jesus Means to the World

How to Teach Others (3 hours), Dr. Gary Parrett

Introduction to Preaching, Dr. Bryan Chapell


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