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Solutions to Apparent Contradictions

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In this second half of the discussion on inspiration, we will focus on possible solutions to the apparent contradictions in the gopels. Is the secular source always right and the Bible wrong? Is it legitimate to practice harmonization? What does inspiration not cover, like footnotes, titles and headings and translations?


A. Secular source could be wrong

B. Misinterpreting the text

C. Harmonization

D. What does inspiration not mean?

1. Inspiration does not include copies of the original text

2. Inspiration does not include footnotes

3. Inspiration does not include titles and headings

4. Inspiration does not include things like verse numbers, paragraph breaks, chapter numbers, or punctuation

5. Translations are not inspired

6. Grammatical errors are not inspired

7. Figures of speech are not errors

8. Approximations are not errors

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