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Contracting with Your Small Group

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Crafting a mutually understood set of expectations about the purpose of your group and how you intend to accomplish that purpose is essential for people to know as they consider joining the group and as you structure and manage the interaction when you meet as a group. One important aspect of small group life is what Dr. Pyle describes as the, "grocery store" principle. Also, people support and participate in something that they perceive themselves as part of creating. 


I. Key Aspects of Contracting

A. Type of group

B. Time

C. Location

D. Relationships

E. Scripture

F. Prayer

G. Intensity

H. Leadership

I. Gender

J. Structure

K. Disclosure

II. Group Commitments

A. Attendance

B. Confidentiality

C. Honesty

D. Accountability

E. Advice-giving

F. Outside activities

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