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A major theme in Hebrews is the supremacy of Christ. There are also passages that emphasize that perseverance is essential.


General Epistles

Part 2

I.  Hebrews (part 2)

A. Introduction


B.  Content

1.  Outline

a.  Jesus is greater (1:1-4:14)

i.  Greater than the prophets (1:1-3)

a)  Jesus is son.

b)  Jesus provides greater revelation.

c)  Jesus is the heir of all things.

d)  Jesus is creator.

e)  Jesus reflects the glory of God's nature.

f)  Jesus upholds the universe by his will.

g)  Jesus brought about purification from sin.

h)  Jesus is at the right hand of God.

ii.  Greater than the angels (1:4-2:18)

a)  Jesus, unlike the angels, is God's son.

b)  Jesus is worshiped by the angels.

c)  Jesus has the rights and authority of the first born.

d)  God says of Jesus "Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever."

iii.  Greater than Moses (3:1-4:13)

b.  Jesus is better (4:14-10:18)

i.  A better high priest (4:14-7:28)

ii.  A better sacrifice (8:1-10:18)

c.  Hold fast to Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith. (10:19-13:17)

d.  Conclusion (13:18-25)

2.  Warnings

a.  2:1-3

b.  3:6

c.  3:7-19

d.  4:1-13

e.  6:4-9

i.  Verse 4

a)  Restore again to repentance

b)  Once been enlightened

c)  Tasted the heavenly gift

d)  Become partners of the Holy Spirit

ii.  Verse 5

a)  Tasted the goodness of God's word

b)  Tasted powers of the age to come

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