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Constantines Influence

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Because of Palestine's central location in the Middle East, it was important to other countries militarily and economically. The apostles and other Christians were able to travel to spread the gospel throughout the world. Constantine's conversion and his support of Christianity had a greatly affected its growth and development. The ecumenical councils met to discuss and articulate a biblical view of God, as well as Christ's divine and human natures.


I. Location of the area in which Christianity arose

II. Spread of the Gospel by the apostles

III. Examples of how the Gospel comes into contact with human culture

IV. Constantine's conversion

A. Council of Nicea

B. After Nicea

C. Controversy about the nature of Christ

D. After Arias dies

E. The Council of Chalcedon

F. Impact of Constantine

G. Pagan reaction to Constantine's support of Christianity

H. Effect that Constantine's conversion had on Christian worship

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