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How would you answer common objections that are often raised about the canon?

Kruger Closing Session


I. What practical advice would you have for people who hear some of the claims being made about the canon?

a. Pastors, inform your people so when challenges come, they will be ready.

b. As a lay person, recognize that there are answers to the questions people are asking.

c. Recognize that the objections you hear are not new.

II. If we found the, "lost letter to the Corinthians," would it be put into the canon?

a. No, because the books we have were given by God as foundational to build his church. 

III. Why are these 27 books the right 27 books?

a. They are books we possess.

b. All of them have the attributes of canonicity.

c. These are the books that the Church has been reading for 2,000 years.


6 min

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