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Communication Model

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Having a structure to serve as a model for communicating your needs and emotions of the moment helps you to communicate clearly and creates space to meet each other's needs by responding in love. It helps initially if you have someone to coach you as you work through the steps to help you stay focused on the current issue so you can identify and meet the need of the moment. 


Communication Model to Help You Resolve Your Hurts

I. Review

II. A Couple’s Story

III. 14 Step Model of Communication

A. Warmup

B. Speak the truth in love

C. Discern

D. Understand

E. Validate

F. Request their feelings

G. Express your feelings

H. Express my feelings (for partner)

I. Confession

J. Choose to forgive

K. Change/repentance

L. Check Resolution

M. Zig Zag

IV. Example of how the pattern works

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